December…..the last month of the year. Soon 2017 will be a memory and 2018 will be looming large and filled with possibilities. So what is your strategy for telling your story in the New Year? Do you have one?

Building a New Year strategy.

All plans have multiple components. All of these work together for the most effective outcome. If you just focus on where and how much you have to spend you will NOT get the result you need to grow.

  1. What is your central focus for business growth in 2018?
  2. What do you need to say so that people will listen?
  3. Who should you be speaking to?
  4. Where can you share your message so that it reaches your audience?
  5. What can you afford?
Telling your story for free!
With the prevalence of social media, video tools, graphic design apps, and a little creativity you can gain huge momentum with your message for free. When including social media in your messaging plan make sure to include these points:
  • Take pictures!
  • Tell satisfied customer stories.
  • Make it fun!!
  • Post regularly (the schedule should be part of your messaging plan)
My messaging budget….
Any great plan will include free and earned opportunities as well as a budget for well placed, paid options. When making decisions about where to spend the limited funds you have in your budget for story telling make sure you….
  • Go back to the answers to the questions earlier. You want to put your money into mediums that will let you speak to the audience who needs to hear your message.
  • Don’t just randomly pick a method of messaging.
  • Ask questions about reach, impressions, audience for that medium, etc.
  • Make an informed decision based on where you will have the most impact with sharing your story to the right people and get the most exposure for your budget.
At the end of the day, make sure you KNOW your story. If you don’t understand your business “why” you can’t expect the world to get it!!
Happy Story Telling!


Tell your story through Chamber connections!
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