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    There are so many ways to connect your business to exciting programs and events the Chamber holds throughout the year. Sponsorship is just one more way to take advantage of your Chamber membership. Put your brand out there on these high profile programs and events.

    To review specific Chamber and Chamber Foundation programs and events try these links:​​
    Signature Events 
    Recurring Events
    Leadership Greater Augusta 
    Academic Achievers

    For a full sponsorship document that includes all opportunities and levels click here.

  • Membership+ Plan

    Want to make sponsorship decisions just one time a year? Then the Membership+ Plan is the right approach for your business. Decide what areas of focus are important for you and add your brand in a targeted way.Sit down with our Membership Engagement Director, review the entire year at the Chamber, determine your budget and make your decisions for the entire year in one sitting.

    For a complete view of the Membership+ Plan click here.

  • +1 My Focus is EDUCATION +1 My Focus is EDUCATION


    +1  My Focus is Education

    One of the Chambers direct responsibilities is to be a conduit for education. Education of all kinds! We provide business education that introduces businesses to tools that will help them be more successful, we help create strong community leaders through leadership education, we connect business to youth education through scholarship programs and other youth education efforts, and we host conferences that provide a forum for learning new skills for both personal and business success.

    +2  My Brand Connects With NETWORKING +2 My Brand Connects With NETWORKING


    +2  My Brand Connects With Networking 

    Making connections is a fundamental role for the Chamber. Frequently we hear testimonials from members who say that they have increased their business just by participating in the many networking opportunities available through Chamber membership. If your brand message is being a “connector” then this is the place for you.

    +3  I’m Looking For Additional Brand PROMOTION +3 I’m Looking For Additional Brand PROMOTION


    +3  I’m Looking For Additional Brand Promotion 

    In order to boost your brand you need all the exposure you can get. The Chamber website and it’s weekly member emails, blog posts and social connectivity are just another way to get the good word out about everything your business has to offer.

    +4  ADVOCACY Is Important For My Brand +4 ADVOCACY Is Important For My Brand


    +4  Advocacy Is Important For My Brand

    When it comes to issues, the Chamber is THE voice of business. We like to say that while you are taking care of your business every day we are in the “business, business”. We are constantly reviewing issues and looking for ways to advocate on behalf of the business community and we have created a range of activities that allow you to showcase your business in connection with business advocacy.

    +5  I Like to Align My Brand With COMMUNITY +5 I Like to Align My Brand With COMMUNITY


    +5  I Like to Align My Brand With Community 

    So often our members tell us that being engaged with the Chamber helps them engage with their community. We know that what we do for our members ends up having a broader impact on the entire community. The “plus” component for you may be to align with programs and events that have the biggest community message.