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  • Membership Information


  • Joining the Chamber of Commerce is a smart move for businesses looking to thrive and grow. Members gain access to a network of local professionals and entrepreneurs, fostering invaluable connections within the community. The Chamber adds a touch of trustworthiness to your business in addition to visibility, with business listings, event sponsorships, and marketing channels which can lead to exciting collaborations and growth opportunities.

    Moreover, membership often includes resources like educational workshops, advocacy for pro-business policies, and access to valuable market data and research, all of which can aid in making informed decisions and staying competitive. Businesses can benefit greatly from the support, resources, and collaborative spirit that the Chamber of Commerce provides, making it a worthwhile investment in their long-term success.

  • Connect Connect


    Minimum Estimated Value: $1,320

    YOUR Investment: $305

    A perfect entry level membership for ambitious entrepreneurs to connect with the business community. Designed for businesses interested in being in the know and accessing resources to assist in growing their businesses, allowing them to market at affordable rates and network in the right circles. Appeals to businesses wishing to be a relevant part of the local business community and contribute to a vibrant economy for years to come.

    Grow Grow


    Minimum Estimated Value: $1,828

    YOUR Investment: $425

    An ideal membership for small companies looking for growth opportunities that lead to sales, referrals, partnerships and new business endeavors. Recommended for businesses interested in developing long-term, sustainable relationships through networking. Your business will prosper and you will contribute to a vibrant region and share in the benefits of a growing economy.

    Access Access


    Minimum Estimated Value: $2,351

    YOUR Investment: $550

    For businesses that want to increase their visibility, access, and influence in the region. Appeals to businesses interested in having a voice in the business landscape and strategic engagement in peer to peer relationships. Great for nurturing and growing your network, learning from exceptional business leaders, bolstering your brand, and influencing the region’s growth. 

    Builder Builder


    Minimum Estimated Value: $4,277

    YOUR Investment: $775

    A membership for businesses that understand a thriving economy is essential to building on the assets of our region and will result in increased prosperity and community sustainability. These community builders invest for the common good and support the Chamber’s economic development efforts. Designed for members to be part of a vibrant region that provides jobs, opportunities, solid education, high quality of life and unlimited potential for business success.

    Leader Leader


    Minimum Estimated Value: $7,106

    YOUR Investment: $1,200

    A membership for the region’s most engaged and committed companies. For businesses that share a commitment to our community by investing resources, knowledge and vision to improve the economic vitality and quality of life for the region. Designed to help lay the course, lead by example and inspire our business community to enhance and distinguish competitiveness for jobs, companies and residents.