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  • Leadership Greater Augusta

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  • Background

    Leadership Greater Augusta is a 9-month intensive training program for emerging and existing leaders; LGA builds the needed skills, knowledge, motivation and vision to develop a stronger community.


    The purpose of Leadership Greater Augusta is to advance positive, progressive and orderly business and professional development in the Greater Augusta Region by achieving the following:

    1. Educate potential and existing business and community leaders through exposure to diverse realities, personalities, and challenges in the community.

    2. Develop and enhance visionary leadership skills through in-depth training.​


    The objectives of Leadership Greater Augusta include the following:

    1. Inform participants about the Greater Augusta region’s history, government, economy, social issues, needs and opportunities, and the existing processes for dealing with them;

    2. Introduce participants to, and establish a dialogue with, each other and current leaders in the Greater Augusta Region;

    3. Encourage participants to participate in future activities, which contribute to the growth and betterment of our community;

    4. Train participants to be visionary leaders and prepare them for higher-level leadership roles in the community.​


    View detailed Program Information HERE


    Applications for the Class of 2022 are NOW OPEN! To submit an application, CLICK HERE. Application deadline is Wednesday, June 30th at 5pm. 

    LGA Application Recommendations can be completed HERE


    If you or your business would like to sponsor this program a variety of sponsorship levels are available, you can review them HERE

    For more information contact 540-324-1133 or email to info@augustava.com