I had a conversation recently with a friend who has been in her current position for just over a year now. My first question was, as always, “so, how’s it going?” She responded positively, she loves what she’s doing, she has seen one success after the other, she has incredible support. I kept waiting for the but and of course, it eventually came,

………”but the success seems so fleeting because there is so much to do. I want to do it all, I want it all done now, even yesterday!!”

I bet you’ve said this too. And so we juggle. We juggle time and project priority and our emotional attachment to both. We juggle patience and impatience. We juggle the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We juggle being overwhelmed with being overjoyed. We can’t soak up the satisfaction of success because another ball is already making it’s way skyward and we fear we won’t catch it on the way down. And all this doesn’t even take into consideration our personal life balls getting into the mix.

What’s the answer?

Juggling is actually a game, a dance even. You won’t ever stop juggling, but you can decide to accept that the juggle is life and stop making it a struggle. You can decide the challenge of the juggle is fun and smile about it instead of stressing over it. You can even try to enjoy those many, many balls you catch, even if it’s fleeting, you still caught them!! And just like a good juggler, you may decide to deliberately drop one you just don’t need any longer making the game that much more enjoyable.

Play people, play!! Enjoy the juggle and forget the struggle! Keep throwing, keep catching and relax into the game of life!

Annette Medlin, IOM
President & CEO
Greater Augusta Regional Chamber