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  • LGA Application Class of 2022

    Full Name
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    Include: School Name & Location & Degree Awarded
    How did you hear about Leadership Greater Augusta? *
    Two letters of recommendation are required. 1. From your employer; preferably immediate supervisor. 2. From a community source who can explain how your background and experience would contribute to the leadership class and why you should be considered. Please send the following link to the people you wish to complete your recommendations: https://www.augustava.com/form/view/22923.
    Applicant Agreement
    I understand that Leadership Greater Augusta is a community leadership training and development program, as well as a community leadership network coalition. Graduates of Leadership Greater Augusta are expected to maintain involvement in the program and to continue to participate as leaders both in the community at large and in Leadership Greater Augusta committees and programs.
    If selected to participate:
    *Upon acceptance, I agree to pay, in full, the non-refundable tuition of $650.00 for members and $895.00 for non-members. *I agree to commit the time required for the /program (8 full-day sessions, graduation, and approximately 30 hours outside of sessions for class project work and assignments over the 9 month period). *I agree to meet the attendance and professional decorum requirements for the completion of the program. I acknowledge that I am participating with the full support from my immediate supervisor and that they have read the program information, the attendance policy, and have a list of the dates required for class participation.
    Leadership Greater Augusta Attendance Policy:
    Leadership Greater Augusta is a 9-month intensive training program. Class sessions are held once per month, typically on the first Thursday of the month from 8:00am - 4:00pm (see the schedule for changes). Attendance at all sessions, including the overnight opening retreat, is required for the successful completion of this program. Participants are given the complete list of dates prior to application so that any scheduling conflicts can be avoided. Absences for illness, or work, or family emergency may be excused at the discretion of the organizers. The participant must communicate his or her absence to the organizers prior to the session to discuss alternatives. Sessions begin promptly at 8:00am and participants should arrange their schedules accordingly. Arriving late or leaving early (without valid and/or pre-arranged reason) will not be allowed. No more than two absences are allowed in order to complete the program. Other requirements include the completion of homework assignments and outside work for the completion of the class project. If the attendance requirements are not being met the participant will be dismissed from the program without a refund of tuition.
    By checking this box I have read the applicant agreement and the LGA attendance policy. *