Chamber Committees

Voice of Business Committee

Staff: Annette Medlin, President/CEO

Mission/Purpose: To collaborate with key constituent groups and chamber members to identify emerging issues that are important to the Greater Augusta region’s business community. The committee monitors and educates members on legislation at the federal, state and local level. A focused process is followed that involves hearing presentations on issues, reviewing issues, gathering input from our members as to how these issues impact their business and then making recommendations to the Board for further action.

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Talent Coalition

Staff: Annette Medlin, President/CEO

Mission/Purpose: A business-led, collaborative network who join their collective voices to discuss the important work of developing, attracting and retaining a world-class workforce to meet the needs of the region’s existing and target industries. This group will also take on projects like wage studies, connecting business to education and other workforce related initiatives.

Small Business Council

Staff: Annette Medlin, President/CEO

Mission/Purpose: To evaluate Chamber resources, programs and tools that support small business growth and sustainability.  They also assist Chamber staff with the planning and volunteer staffing for events.

Women of Influence Network (WIN)

Staff: Kim Wilbur, Director of Communications

Mission/Purpose: To provide business women of all ages and levels, community opportunities to build relationships and gain knowledge needed to achieve personal, professional, and organizational goals. Additionally, this group will identify and engage with collaborative initiatives that work to empower girls and women in our community.

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Regional Visioning Cohort

Staff: Annette Medlin, President/CEO

Mission/Purpose:  To create a neutral place to discuss issues and opportunities with regional impact. Where bold ideas and conversations can become reality, achieved through collaborative and inclusive leadership that elevates education, economic prosperity, employment opportunities, and quality of life to unrivaled heights for our entire region.

Ad Hoc Committees/Task Force/Working Groups

Scheduled as needed

Formed from time to time to address a specific, short term need. These are advertised to the membership as a need arises.