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  • New Ways for Involvement

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    The feedback we are receiving about the new investment structure is overwhelming!! Thanks to all of you who have already reached out to Hannah for an appointment or who have just called to have us go ahead and make the change to your tier choice.

    This is the second of three emails that I promised. During my first 90 days I spent a lot of time in conversations with a variety of people about what the Chamber does currently and what we could do in future. In the course of these discussions I was able to identify opportunities for us to be an organization of impact through building a strong system of committees. Committees are the planning and action level of the Chamber. A committee system is the most effective means of harnessing energies and abilities of volunteer workers. Committees are responsible to the Board of Directors.

    Chamber committees are formed for two reasons:
    1) To take on specific areas of work for the Chamber.
    2) To provide additional leadership opportunities for members.

    Your Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce is pursuing the creation of an active group of committees that meet regularly to vet new ideas, to assist in the facilitation of Chamber programs and events, and to review and debate issues resulting in recommendations to the Board for action. Committees will be chaired by a Board member who is selected by the Chairman. Any member in good standing of the GARCC is eligible for committee participation. The size and meeting schedule of the committee is determined by the Committee Chair and varies from committee to committee.

    Each of these new or redefined committees is described on our website. You can go directly there by following this link, https://www.augustava.com/committees/ . After you have had an opportunity to look through each of these, please email the staff person responsible and express your interest in getting involved in the work of that committee. We intend to be very respectful of the time of those wanting to be involved, so regular attendance at meetings and the commitment to take on tasks that may be assigned is an important consideration before you make the decision to participate.

    As always, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out. We are excited about the work we know we will be doing through YOU and the voice you bring to our committees.

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