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  • How To Create Unique Social Media Templates for Your Small Business

    How To Create Unique Social Media Templates for Your Small Business


    Take Back Your Time

    Managing your business's social media account can feel like a daunting task. In addition to all of the other hats you wear as a small business owner or entrepreneur, it certainly doesn't feel like you have time or energy to add graphic designer to that list.

    Worry not! I'm going to show you how to create a template using Canva that will look great, even if you use it over and over again. Let's start with some basics:

    What is Canva?

    Canva is a free design platform that can make simple projects fun and easy. It is particularly useful for repeat projects like social media where you can use the same template for a weekly post. The company's about page lists that their mission is to "make complex things simple" with a focus on pragmatism.

    As a graphic designer, I have a deep affection for this approach. Although I don't use this platform for any professional designs, there is something really valuable in the drag-and-drop functionality of Canva. It opens up the world of graphic design to just about anybody with an internet browser, it saves small businesses money in design fees, and it saves me from having to design social media posts (not really my cup o' tea).

    There are some limitations, though. There is not any functionality to draw or illustrate on the platform, so I wouldn't recommend it for big projects. The truth is, Adobe products offer nearly unlimited capabilities in the world of graphics production, so I wouldn't recommend Canva for logo or visual identity design. For that, it's best to hire an experienced graphic designer like Vistoso Creative.

    Now that shameless plugs are out of the way, I'll quickly discuss the interface and tools available on Canva.

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    Dan Bates is a graphic designer in Virginia who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their audiences through excellent visual representation of their brand and vision. He is the owner and founder of Vistoso Creative

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