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  • Hiring and Recruitment Strategies

    Hiring and Recruitment Strategies

    The Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Coalition Committee meets monthly to discuss workforce, education and human resources issues. This committee is composed of human resources professionals, service organizations, and area large employers. During a recent meeting, these experts were asked for their best “out of the box” tips on hiring and recruitment for the new workforce we’re seeing. Here are some of their best practices:

    • Use your relationships and networks
    • Tap into the retiree labor market- many people of retirement age are moving to the area and want to work at least part time jobs
    • Promote and market what is unique about your company
    • Promote your benefits package- make those as good as you can!
    • Offer current employees a “finders fee” for recruiting new employees
    • Offer sign-on bonuses to new employees
    • Waive waiting periods for employee benefits (as applicable)
    • Watch for great customer service and recruit those people! You never know where you’ll find your next great employee… and who is looking for new opportunities. 
    • Focus on skills, not degrees
    • Offer tours and shadowing opportunities
    • Target your ads on Facebook and LinkedIn to find potential employees that fit your qualifications
    • Use specific industry sites and resources
    • Consider a change in how your business operates- is there flexibility for remote work or non-traditional schedules? 

    What would you add to this list that’s working at your business or in your industry?


    Want to join the Talent Coalition committee and be part of finding innovative solutions for solving workforce challenges? Email Courtney for more info! 


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