There was a time in my life when I traveled all the time for work. I love traveling, but my travel had always been here and there for a specific purpose either business or pleasure. When I took on travel that was week on week, in and out of airplanes or hours and hours in the car I had to take a hard look at my schedule and adjust. In the midst of that adjustment I went for a jog one morning after a week of travel and it was excruciating! While my feet were hitting the pavement I had an epiphany in the midst of the pain. If your life changes and you don’t move with it there will be consequences that aren’t what YOU want for your life.

We all know that we have to find a balance in our lives each day. A balance between what we must do and what we need to do for ourselves. Most often what gets sacrificed is the us part. Unfortunately if we don’t take care of the “us” then we can’t fulfill all our responsibilities in life like parenting, being a good friend or partner, being a successful business person, employ or manager.

When chaos controls us and our discipline has disappeared it can send us into a complete spiral of negative activity…..

  • We eat too much.
  • We eat the wrong things.
  • We ride on a wave of stress from all the circumstances that are out of our control.
  • We abuse our vices; too much drinking or smoking, blame, anger, etc.
  • We don’t sleep enough.
  • We don’t get the right sleep.
  • We forget to do the things that make us happy.
  • We neglect our relationships.
  • We become more critical of everything and everyone around us.
  • We miss blessings; we forget to be grateful.
  • We neglect simple acts of kindness or compassion.
  • We fail repeatedly, don’t get our work done, take shortcuts that don’t pay off.

If you find yourself feeling like something is wrong and you just can’t put your finger on it, the answer might be just as simple as stopping everything, looking honestly at what is going on in your life on all fronts and then applying yourself to the discipline of adjusting the scale to bring balance back.

Discipline, like pain, is a very individual thing. Reading about it, falling prey to trends, looking outside yourself for answers is NEVER going to work. You must be very honest about what is going on, how you allowed it and what YOU need to realign.

  • How much sleep do YOU need?
  • What foods make YOU feel healthy?
  • What activity works for YOU to keep you fit?
  • What gives YOU pleasure and makes you smile?
  • What do YOU need to give in your relationships?
  • What are YOUR calm and quiet time needs?
  • What does YOUR space need to look like to be productive?
  • How much time do YOU need to get the job done?

As long as you look to other sources for the right way to take care of YOU, balance will be elusive and stress, chaos, lack of productivity and even physical issues will dominate. Take a hard look at what it is you need to do for YOU, do it every day no matter what or where you are. Start the day with intention, approach your moments with intention, finish the day with intention. If you waiver (and of course you will), then work to make it better. Most importantly don’t allow the fluid nature of life and schedules and emergencies and OTHERS, decide for you. Apply the discipline YOU need for YOU to live a balanced, productive and joyful life!!!