Added Value to YOUR Chamber Membership

FISHERSVILLE – I am happy to have been with the Chamber for 4 months now. During that time I have had many conversations with members, community stakeholders, in focus groups and through your responses in two surveys. In addition, I have spent time reviewing our structure and looking for opportunities for moving a strong Chamber into an even more impactful future. In all the information I have gathered, the word “value” has repeatedly come into the conversations. I am pleased to report that we have identified many ways in which to present Chamber value to our members. This is the first of three emails to you that will unveil some exciting new work for YOUR Chamber of Commerce!

Our current investment schedule is a system that is called a “fair share” investment schedule. This is a system that was built on determining membership dues based on the number of employees for each business. It is difficult for any chamber to make an understandable case for value with this old system of investment. So, approved by the Chamber Board of Directors at their August meeting, we have a new investment schedule that is a 5 tier system that layers on additional benefits and value with each tier. The system allows each member to choose the tier that is right for them based on what is important for their business.

All of the new materials are located on our website, There is a matrix that shows each tier and its benefits, the estimated value of that investment, and your actual cost. There is a description of each tier and the type of businesses that would be a fit for each level. Take a look at it all and follow up with a call to Hannah Cooper, Membership Engagement Director, if you have any questions. Hannah can be reached at or 540-324-1133.

We anticipate that the complete conversion of every member from their existing dues to the new tiered system will take 12 months. However, we are hoping that you will take a look now and choose a level that is right for your business. The difference between your current dues and your chosen level (if greater) would be prorated to get you going immediately at that level and then your investment would be entered at that level and billed there at your regular anniversary month. Hannah has already had many, many conversations with members about the new system and every, single one has been thrilled with the obvious value presented at each level. She is looking forward to talking with each of you!

Thank you for being a member of YOUR Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions of me or call Hannah directly to set up a meeting to go over the new investment structure.



Annette Medlin, IOM is the President/CEO of the Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce. Annette has been managing and consulting Chambers of Commerce for over 13 years and in non-profit management for 20 years. As a Chamber consultant, Annette has worked with Chambers all over the US, in Canada, and South Asia. Contact Annette at