Member Benefits

A business should be a member of the Chamber of Commerce for two basic reasons: to help build its business and to help build its community.

The Chamber benefits members by giving businesses an increased network of partners, bringing supply and demand together. Our members enjoy direct referrals, many networking opportunities, a vast marketing outreach and continuing education and training. 

Business leaders in our community are making a difference by serving on a wide variety of boards and committees and roundtables, ranging from agriculture to tourism to government affairs.

Chamber membership also provides an avenue for our businesses when we need to get involved in the support of acts in local, state and national government, or provide a strong voice in the prevention of anti-business or government regulations that could hurt local business.

We choose to serve and promote our members because we know vibrant business enterprise adds investment and jobs in our community. When local businesses and organizations are thriving, we all win!


  • Publicity and exposure
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • New Business Contacts
  • Chamber Publications
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Leadership Programs
  • Professional Development
  • Small Business Assistance
  • Legislative Action
  • Health Insurance Program


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